N 95 Mask

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Rationale for using mask:

By wearing a mask, you are protecting your community. More public places are requiring the use of face masks to help prevent the communicable disease.




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Product Description N95 respirator is a respiratory defensive gadget intended to accomplish a nearby facial fit and effective filtration of airborne particles. NIOSH USA APPROVED offers best protection against airborne diseases. Diseases like H1N1, Drug resistance, Sars and influenza can prevent by using this mask. Offers Protection against Airborne Diseases like H1 N1, Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, SARS & Influenza.

Why us: Health Plus, India, founded by avid and renowned personality in health care. During the time of adulterate market, Health Plus ensures its noncompromising disposition regarding quality. We address and understand the needs of the customer through offering them the proper solution in terms of quality ensured products.


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